Entity Party Sound and Lighting

Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: 778-919-8959

With over 15 years of business, several hundreds of clients and a portfolio of venues from all over Vancouver under our belt, our goal is to help you deliver the best event experience you could possibly have with our professional DJ, audio & lighting. Perfect for weddings, corporate parties and more. Get a talented DJ equipped with high end speakers and lighting to set the mood for any type of moment. And of course, our audio & lighting setup is dedicated for people who love to dance. Who doesn't love that? Our DJs carry thousands of hours of combined experience from nightclubs to boat cruises. But a professional DJ is more than just someone who plays music. We're experts with wedding layouts, cable management, local venues and of course, delivering those good vibes. Equipment is important to any DJ. But quality equipment is what we live and die by. We provide state-of-the-art speakers and microphones aimed to providing crisp, clear sound your video team won't miss and lighting setups that add more colour than you could imagine. We get it. Event planning is nerve racking stuff. We've been setting up, taking down and performing at hundreds of these special events that it's our guarantee to provide you the service you expect. Take our portfolio and dozens of testimonials as your peace of mind.

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