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Henkaa specializes in convertible, multi-functional special ocassion dresses that transition into your everyday closet. Each dress can be styled in 10+ ways. Size flexible ranges from 0-24 requiring little to no alterations and they're also Made in Canada with love. Through our dresses, we help women celebrate themselves and their special life moments while stressing less about what they’re going to wear. With our flexible size ranges, you don't need to worry about whether the dress will fit in a few months, additional time or costs of alterations or having a dress that will collect dust in your closet. Each bridesmaid can wear the same dress, while styling it in different ways to suit their style. Plus, they get to wear it again to another event in a different way no one will ever know. Take from our late founder Joanna Duong Chang, who made her first convertible dress in 2009 as a solution to her overflowing closet full of special occasion attire. She wore it to managing director Sonia's wedding in a one-shoulder style and changed it to a high-neck halter partway through the evening. A guest saw her do her styling-change magic in the restroom and said she needed one too - and the rest is history!

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