Squamish / Vancouver / West Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: 604-704-0982

I like to let things happen by themselves and capture the moment in between. This is your day, one day that you have been dreaming of, the day that will forever be cherished deep in your heart till the end of the time - it is such a beautiful thing and I want you live every second of it to the fullest. And I will be there to capture your smile, laughter, tears, and all the hugs and kisses - I may remain invisible, but if you are seeking for some guidance, don't you worry, I got you. Lets talk, share our visions, lets makes some amazing memories together. Lets trust one another and let this relationship bloom into a friendship. Show me who you are and let the beauty in you shine through.. because once be become a team, then it is all magic from there! Can we be friends now? :)

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