Will Kwan Photography and Photobooths

Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: 604-765-8109

I'm Will, Husband, Father, Photographer and Storyteller. I love my dog, I love to travel and I love photography. To be able to document the relationships we have and the couple starting a new stage in their life is an amazing experience.When it comes to wedding photography, all I care about is getting the best photos for you possible.  Right from the start, you get everything you need for beautiful, comprehensive wedding photography from online galleries for sharing to full resolution images delivered on a custom USB drive. When a client tells me "This is the first picture I've ever had of my parents and I looking so happy!" I feel like I've done something that matters. My experienced team and I will guide you through your day to ensure we capture the images that are important to you and create new ones that you never knew you wanted! Whats my style of photography? Anything but ordinary.

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