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All About Step and Repeat Wedding Logo Walls

Published Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vancouver Wedding Walls

Step and Repeat Logo walls have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. First made popular by movie stars on the red carpet these are now easily added to virtually any event. The difference with wedding walls is that instead of corporate advertising one can highly personalize these with their own names, wedding date, monogram, colours and more.
Wedding Walls provide long lasting memories and an instant photo backdrop for your family and guests.

There are a few easy ways to get started to have your own Wedding Wall and you will be surprised how easy it is.

Step 1.
Decide on the size. The standard height is usually about 8 feet tall, the width may vary to suit your needs. 8 and 10 foot widths are common. 20 foot and more are not unusual if you want to be extravagant or have a very large gathering. Vancouver Wedding Walls

Step 2.
Decide on the substrate. Wedding walls can be made with a fabric backdrop, a vinyl banner, large format stickers applied to boards, poster paper...the list goes on and on. In fact this depends largely on your budget and look you'd like to achieve. There are pros and cons of each.....

Fabric Backdrops are excellent because they tent to absorb the flash rather than reflecting it.
Vinyl Logo Walls are big, bright, bold and beautiful. Extra care is needed to ensure they don't crease.
Large Format Stickers applied on a large plywood or foamcore wall, can be used on the dance floor as a monogram and also a media wall. This typically takes a professional to set up. It is more common to see at high budget massive events such as the Grammy Awards!
Poster Paper is the most economical. Cheap and Cheerful. Standard Poster Paper is about 4 feet wide and you may want to print 2 or more pieces and apply them next to each other on the wall.

Step 3.
Construct your design. Do you have a beautiful design in mind? Do you want to incorporate your colours? Do you have a family monogram or crest you'd like to incorporate? How about a high resolution photo of yourself. Many people nowadays either have a friend or family member who has graphic design skills who can put something together. Just ensure you contact your local print supplier and ask for the printing specifications that they require.
If you do not know anyone who can help you with the design, you can ask the advise of your print supplier who will likely know someone. To give yourself a head start, search for pictures on the web of other designs that inspire you.

Vancouver Wedding Walls

Step 4.
Choose your Step and Repeat Supplier. Start in your local area. Most print shops can take care of this. Budgets can range from $200 to $2000 and everything in-between. You would need to ask questions as to what is available. If you fancy a fabric backdrop, check if your supplier can take care of this for you, not all print shops excel in every substrate. Who is your supplier? Do they specialize in print? (Going straight to the source). Or are they an event decorator reselling this product? There is no right or wrong place to purchase your logo wall, however it may affect your budget. Overall just ask lots of questions and be confident of their level of expertise and you'll be fine.

Step 5.
Do you want to invest in a purchase of the frame or do you want to rent? Most step and repeat options will require a frame to set this up. They can be pop up display frames, tension fabric frames, and pipe and drape frames. Most weddings will want to rent as the price is up to 10 times less the cost than purchasing one. The logo wall is typically yours to keep. Ask your supplier what rental options they have. If they do not have a rental option, speak to your decorator about pipe and drape frames and replace the drape with your wedding wall.

Step 6.
Setting up your Step and Repeat Logo wall is typically very easy and can be accomplished in minutes. This can be done for you by hiring someone who makes it, or you can get the assistance of a family member and this can save a lot of cash. Typically frames just pop up or snap lock together, you add the wedding wall and viola....instant fame, let the paparazzi ops commence!
if it's in the budget.....
Ask your decor company for options such as red carpets, stanchions, lighting and more which completes the look.

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