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Chatting with Lifestyle and Bridal Expert Jessica Mulroney

Published Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chatting with Lifestyle and Bridal Expert Jessica Mulroney

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lifestyle and Bridal Expert Jessica Mulroney on tips and tricks to looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. As we all know, after getting engaged and telling everyone about the wonderful news, comes the reality of planning. The amount of work that comes to planning a wedding can be stressful. Jessica recommends spending a part of your budget to hire an event planner who can help you stay on budget, organize and just to bounce ideas off of.

Wedding Venue
To my surprise, Jessica suggested that the first thing to do after your engagement is to book the wedding venue. After she explained her reasoning, it made total sense. The venue will set the atmosphere be it at a hotel, farm, destination wedding, etc. Your dress, make-up, décor will be dependent to where you decide to get married. "For venue selection I recommend if you are looking for destination weddings. It has all price points and beautiful resorts!"

The Wedding Dress
Jessica is constantly exposed to 700+ bridal gowns at Kleinfeld Bridal, so she definitely knows the latest trends. We asked her what her thoughts were and she recommends selecting a dress that you love and feel great in. Do keep in mind that 10, 15 or 20+ years from now, you should be able to look back and still love that dress. A good median is selecting a dress in between trendy and traditional. 

I always thought that the most fun part of prepping for a wedding was dress shopping. Many people don’t know it can take 9 to 12 months for the whole wedding dress process - from selecting, ordering and alteration. Once you find that dress, it’s time for looking and feeling great before the wedding day.

Healthy-Bride Guide

Chatting with Lifestyle and Bridal Expert Jessica MulroneyAfter selecting your dress comes the hairstyle. Jessica recommends selecting your hairstyle at least six months before the wedding day and to ensure you have gorgeous tresses, she recommends using Viviscal. If you haven’t heard of Viviscal, it is a supplement clinically proven to support healthy hair growth and is 100% drug free – made with natural ingredients. Every bride that Jessica meets, she always tells them to use Viviscal before their wedding day. Their hair will look thicker and fuller for their wedding day. There’s also Viviscal for men – so if the groom is interested in having thicker and fuller hair, they can use it too!

Jessica advises to avoid experimenting with your skin before your wedding.  If you have a great regimen, keep doing it regularly. If you really want to try a “new treatments, you want to avoid having a reaction the week of your wedding, so experimenting about eight months beforehand is a good idea.”  She strongly suggests drinking lots of water! It’s the best way to nourish the skin. “Oxygen facials are a great option for glowing skin, as well as full body Gommage Exfoliators.”

If you’re planning to do any professional procedures such as braces or whitening, Jessica suggests planning these seven months in advance. There is also the option of home whiting treatments.

If you’re planning to get fit, Jessica recommends that “a combination of strength and cardio is always best.” After you have chosen your dress, you can focus on specific areas the dress highlights, like your back or arms and work on those. Jessica suggests buying lightweight and going online to find work out ideas. If you have budget for a fitness coach, even for a day, that could be helpful. They’ll be able to give you tips on what routines will help strengthen specific areas, etc.

Eating Well
As we were chatting, Jessica mentioned the importance of eating “a well-balanced diet leading up to – and on the day of – your wedding to keep your energy levels up.” She doesn’t believe that crash diets are the greatest method. To balance your diet, she recommended less sugar, less salt, and drinking more juices (especially ones with skin brightening benefits like green drinks). You should also avoid too much alcohol as it can cause bloating and leave you feeling not-so-great the first morning of your honeymoon.

It was such a pleasure in meeting Jessica and having her share her experience with our readers.

Chatting with Lifestyle and Bridal Expert Jessica Mulroney