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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Wedding

Published: May 25, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Wedding

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I want to preface this post by saying that there are no right answers right now and everyone must do what feels best for them, their guests, their wedding and their finances.

What a terrible post to have to write. It breaks my heart that couples are having to deal with additional stress around their weddings that is completely unique to the industry and could never have been anticipated. Please know that everyone is navigating new “best practices” and are taking the steps necessary to keep staff, clients, guests and vendors safe and healthy. Here are a few notes from my past few days of a million conversations, debriefs and brainstorms on how to best handle the situation (understanding of course that it is a ever-moving situation!)

  1. Understand that GRACE and KINDNESS is going to be the best way to approach this whole situation. There are HUMANS at either end of your contracts (except large hotel chains) that are going to be impacted financially and funding devastating losses. Business owners and clients are going to have to work together to find the best possible solution for all involved. If postponing a wedding is possible, we hope vendors will be able to be as flexible as possible given expenses haven’t been paid out (flowers ordered, food ordered etc). *Even with large hotels and chains there is still a human on the other end of the phone that no doubt feels TERRIBLE for you (please be kind).
  2. DO NOT PANIC. This is a sure way to feel out of control and loose perspective on the situation. Remember that you are celebrating your love and commitment and that if that happens this year or next, it will remain. Of course, it will be upsetting and disruptive to change plans but if you are healthy and in love you are GOOD!
  3. Stay on top of WHO and Federal Government announcements as per travel and large gathering restrictions/bans. World Health Organization / Government of Canada
  4. Understand that until there is a government mandated shutdown there is little in place to get out of your wedding contracts. Of course the hope and request would be for vendors to be as accommodating as possible, technically their contracts are in good standing as per non-refundable deposits and final payments.
  5. There is currently no insurance available to cover wedding cancellation due to Covid-19.
  6. Be a gracious host with your guests plans should you be moving ahead with your wedding as planned. Understand that not everyone will feel comfortable travelling and that they may back out. Please don’t make them feel badly as they are probably already feeling like they are letting you down.
  7. Communication will be key. No matter what you end up decided for your own wedding day - communication with vendors, guests, bridal party etc will be KEY in avoiding confusion and additional stress. It might be upsetting for you and your guests to hear that your wedding has been postponed, but know that everyone will understand the situation.
  8. Getting Married Before March/April - we suggest that you be in touch with your venue right away to ask what steps they are taking as precautions and what leeway might be given due to postponement. Look closely at your guest list to see if you will have significant guest count decrease and communicate this with your venue immediately. Ask your vendors for extensions on final numbers due (to decrease centrepieces, food orders etc).
  9. Getting Married After May/June/July/August - as this is a rapidly changing situation it is impossible to know what will happen. We could have a better understanding of what the next few months will look like in a few days or a few weeks. Stay in contact with your venue and vendors to understand your “cancelation without penalty” dates and keep these in mind. Take the time to plan things that are within your control and don’t cost money. You’ll need to plan speeches/MC notes/photo list/song selection at some point so may as well do that now!

If you have questions please feel free to ask on our instagram post! Happy to answer to the best of our availability in order to reduce stress if possible! Peace and love friends. Peace and love!

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