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Which Engagement Rings Will Be Popular in 2020

Published January 10, 2020 • SPONSORED ARTICLE

Which Engagement Rings Will Be Popular in 2020

When it comes to engagement ring trends, the public usually turns to celebrities for inspiration. However, in the past few years, it seems that the trend tended to go for bigger and bolder gems. This isn’t an option for those who don’t have 10 million dollars to spend on a diamond.
That is why jewelry designers started getting creative and collaborated with clients to create something new. Even celebrities became involved in the designing of their rings – and we’re talking about the guys proposing here. So, what exactly will the engagement ring market look like in 2020? This is our take on which designs will take center stage in 2020.

Before, everyone wanted the round diamond with solitaire setting. Now, they are looking at the less used diamond cuts like the emerald cut and oval cut. The Asscher cut is a prime choice as well. The only downsides to choosing these cuts is their price range. Due to the surface area, jewelers are hard pressed to source diamonds that have the right clarity, brilliance, and color for these designs. However, there are several alternatives for this problem below.

The three-stone setting lets you enjoy the beauty of an engagement ring without the pressure of getting a bigger and clearer diamond. The stones can also be interchanged with different types like emeralds, different-colored diamonds, and more. The three stone design is quite flexible because a jeweler can create different combinations using a dozen variations of diamond cuts.

Which Engagement Rings Will Be Popular in 2020

Artistic ring designs are one of a kind and customized according to a client’s request. It can be a reflection of a memory, the personality of the wearer, etc. When choosing an artistic ring design, you won’t have that many options. It can be a bit more expensive to be involved in the process, but the outcome may be worth more than store-bought engagement rings.

In some cases, diamonds aren’t a necessity anymore. Some people prefer to wear engagement rings with their birthstones on it. It’s a nice change and a great way to save on an engagement ring. Aside from the diamond, most of the birthstones cost significantly less when bought in a larger size. There are also fewer requirements in finding the ideal stone, as opposed to a diamond.

Which Engagement Rings Will Be Popular in 2020

Lastly, floral designs are dominating the jeweler design trend. One famous piece is Katy Perry’s engagement ring, which looks like a playful flower, but with an insanely large gem in the middle. The great thing about a floral design is that you have thousands of design inspirations from real flowers. The only problem here is what to choose! For cheap, but luxurious gem options, check out the diamonds Vancouver BC has to offer. Given the chance to choose your engagement ring, which design would you opt for?

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