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Tips on How to Get in Shape Before your Wedding Day

Published Friday, February 19, 2016

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Whether you’re just starting to plan the wedding, or see it coming closer at a startling speed, chances are that you are one of many brides to be, or bridal parties, who wants to be in the best shape of their lives. It takes more than wanting to make this dream come true, and you need to get your ass into the gym to get fit and fabulous for the wedding. Here are a few tips from the personal trainers at Momentum Fitness, on how to get there.

START A REGULAR FITNESS PROGRAM 3 MONTHS PRIOR                                         
Just as with all the other preparations for the wedding, getting in shape and looking your best on the big day will take some planning. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a fitter and healthier version of you. Whatever your goals might be, weight loss, muscle tone or just feeling and looking your best in The Dress, you’d want to give yourself at least 3 months to get there.
Take a few minutes at the beginning of each week to plan and schedule times for your workouts and stick to them. Other appointments, meetings and demands will have to wait for this is your time to shine.

Knowing where and how to start a training program might feel a little daunting to some. Seeking help and advice from a professional trainer will make sure that your efforts are spent in the best possible way in order for you to achieve your goals. A well rounded exercise program should include a good mix of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, good nutrition and stretching. The four components are essential to reach your goals in a healthy way. It’s also a great time for you to hand over the controls to someone else. You have to do the work but someone else is pulling your strings with the most awesome version of you in mind.

Losing weight isn’t just about cutting calories and working your butt off. Eating too little can be sabotaging your weight loss efforts as much as overeating can. As you’re starting to exercise more, it’s important that you keep fuelling your body so that it can recover from your workouts and become stronger. When you don’t eat enough your body start conserving energy and storing it as fat. Quick fix or starvation diets are not a good idea. Even if you might lose a few pounds the lack of nutrition will diminish your muscle mass and increase your fat storage, and once you take the eye off the ball those few pounds will creep their way back so easily. Talk to your trainer or a nutritionist for advice on how to make healthy, long-term changes to your lifestyle to help you perform and transform.

Ask your fiancé, your bridesmaids or anyone else in the bridal party if they want to join your fitness journey. Having a support system is a great way to reach your goals and stick to the plan. Having a workout buddy, or buddies, will help keep you accountable. Just imagine how you’d feel if you had to call your friends and tell them you’re bailing on the gym date! Working out with your friends and family is also a great chance to be able to catch up, have fun and encourage each other to push the extra mile.

Whatever your goals are in the end, countless research shows that getting your heart rate up, working your muscles to capacity and eating healthier can do wonders for your self esteem and make you feel like a star. Working up a sweat at the gym won’t only get those amazing endorphins kicking around your body but can also be a great stress-relief, keeping you focused and energized to deal with whatever is thrown at you. What could be a better way to start the new part of your life than on top of the world?

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