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Introducing Slow Motion Booths

Published: Friday, June 6, 2014

Jessica + Nathan | Slow-Mo Booth Video from Modern Romance Weddings

Slomo Booth: Entertainment + Memorabilia

Slow Motion Booths are a growing trend in weddings for good reasons: they are great fun to watch and participate in! How often do we get to see our friends and ourselves being glamorous, or having silly fun in slow motion?

The biggest party you will possibly ever throw deserves some of the best entertainment. You can include most or all of your guests as participants or spectators in activities that they can enjoy, have fun, or bond with each other at. With professionals and guests capturing these moments in photos and videos, your wedding entertainment will last you a lifetime.

Linda + Wylen | Slow-Mo Booth | Crazy in Love from Modern Romance Weddings

What makes a great Slow Motion Booth? Some tips and things to look out for:

  1. First of all, make sure to ask what kind of camera they have for their slow motion booth. It is important that they understand all the technical side of things and shoot at a high speed in high definition! A normal speed would be 24fps, and a high speed/slow-motion camera shoots at 60-240fps, and more! Many Slow Motion Booths in the industry these days utilize cameras that shoot 240fps in 1080p (Full HD).
  2. Lighting is important! There should be sufficient light as shooting slow motion requires a lot of light; the higher the frame rate (fps), the more light you need. A video that is grainy/visually-noisy, or dark, is hard on the eyes. Harsh/hard lighting can create unsightly shadows that might not be flattering. Soft lighting can make skin complexion look better and makes people look more glamorous. Some cheaper lights might also be off-colour resulting in poor skin tones in videos.
  3. Ask about the props! Props are a necessity. Some popular activities at a slomo booth include hair flinging, and if you are up for it-slapping. Props allow you to do a lot more than that, or upgrade what you can already do with yourselves! A party is much more fun with party poppers, silly strings, bubbles, confetti, and more!
  4. Personalize your booth! Hang a banner on the background, have prop colours that suit your wedding themes, get creative! Find out if there are other background options besides white. Dark backgrounds are perfect if you have a lot of props that produce "particle effects", such as confetti, glitter, or powder.
  5. Ask about movie special effects such as breakable candy glass, high speed fans, blood, fog, confetti machines, and how you might incorporate them into your slomo video.
  6. A great slomo booth director is a must-have. As creative as people can get, especially when they are drunk, everyone can use more ideas! A great director can suggest hilarious scenarios (that you can improv more on!), or bring to life the sassy celebrity hidden inside you. And see if they will also bring an assistant, it would help to speed up each turnaround for the groups that want to have fun at the booth.

Having great entertainment at your wedding will be one of the things guests will talk about even after the wedding. Best of all, you will have the videos to keep and remind you of what an amazing time you had, and what a great party you threw.

We hope you find our tips and pointers useful.

Karen Tran Floral Master Class | Slow-Mo Booth Video from Modern Romance Weddings

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