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Wedding Invitation Fall Trends

Published September 3, 2019• SPONSORED ARTICLE

Wedding Invitation Fall Trends

Wedding invite trends are constantly shifting. One minute, minimalism is in, the next it’s all about that boho chic look. It can be stressful to sift through the different wedding invite ideas online, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the hottest wedding invite ideas this fall. 

Dark, moody colors are perfect for autumn wedding invitations. Autumn is an untraditional time to have a wedding, and calls for some untraditional invitations. Opt for dark grey, purple, or  dark blue. The dark colors with a simple, bold font will look stately and elegant. Your invites will be memorable, but not over the top. Your guests will be sure to love them.

Wedding Invitation Fall Trends

If dark colors aren’t your thing, go for foil invitations. Foil is sure to make your invitations pop, no matter the color scheme. Gold foil looks good with most color combinations. Silver is a good choice if you want a more subtle foil design. Rose gold foil is super trendy right now, and looks best with minimalist invitation designs. It’s a good choice if you’re into more modern invites.

Wedding Invitation Fall Trends

Maybe you can’t decide between foil or a dark color scheme for your stationery. Fortunately, foil and dark colors look stunning together. Go for a rich red or bold blue with gold foil for an invite that will impress everyone. If you do decide for dark colors with foil on your cards, be sure not to choose a design template that’s too detailed. A card with foil on top of intricate designs may be difficult to look at. A little goes a long way.

There are tons of wedding invitation sites to order your cards from, such as Basic Invite. They have all the dark, moody invitations you could ask for. Many of their cards have foil available as well, in gold, silver, or rose gold. Check out their autumn wedding invitations for more fall invite ideas. Take a look at their champagne bridal shower invitations or their fall engagement party invitations if you’re planning on celebrating before your big day. I hope you find an invitation template you absolutely love!

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