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How To Choose The Best Mother Of The Bride Outfits

Published December 22, 2021• SPONSORED ARTICLE

How To Choose The Best Mother Of The Bride Outfits

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So, your daughter is getting married. Congratulations! While it may be sad for a mom to let go of her dear princess and give her hand in marriage, this is also going to be a momentous and wonderful occasion for the entire family. Especially for the mom, it’s always an honour to be there and witness your daughter’s walk to her happily ever after.

And, like your daughter, one of the biggest things you’ll have to prepare for the celebration is your outfit. Eyes will be on you as well. You'll want to be dressed in an outfit in which you can feel confident, happy, and stylish throughout the day.

Although this is your daughter’s big day, surely, you’ll want to look your best, too, as you walk her down the aisle. Here you’ll gain helpful insights on how you can wind up choosing the best mother of the bride outfit.

Modify Your Keywords 

Even mothers of the bride today are living in the digital age. So, it’s not surprising that with news of your daughter's engagement, you might be scrambling on the Internet for inspiration for dress ideas. Looking at photos and deciding which style you like can help you narrow down your options once you head out to shop in speciality stores like Frox of Falkirk. Even if you decide to have a custom-made gown, you can better communicate your preferred design or style to the seamstress by showing a photo. 

This is why it’s crucial to use the right keywords. Rather than typing ‘mother of the bride outfits’ on a search engine, you may want to use a more general term instead. That way, your search won’t be too limiting. If you focus only on ‘mother of the bride’ dresses, the same old and boring gowns might turn up in your search. 

Let Your Daughter Help You Out

Your daughter will most likely ask for your help when she selects her bridal gown. Similarly, you may want to ask for her help in selecting yours. Let the bride be your guide. She knows the style and theme of the wedding. And, she may have a vision of what would look great on her mom, too.

When you let your daughter help you out in picking your dress, the two of you can enjoy that special mom and daughter moment. It also ensures that your dresses would go together seamlessly, especially considering the number of photos that’ll be taken of you with your daughter on the big day.

How To Choose The Best Mother Of The Bride Outfits

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Don’t Procrastinate

Okay, moms, perhaps you’ve given your little girl this same advice too many times when they were growing up. Procrastination leads them nowhere. Now it’s time for you to walk the talk, too. Give yourself adequate time to search for dress design ideas. Take time, too, to visit bridal stores and check out dresses all over town.

If you put off finding a dress until it’s too late, you may not have enough time to have the dress altered, if necessary, or customized to your liking. 

Bring Swatches Of The Entourage’s Gowns

If possible, bring swatches of the entourage’s gowns when you go shopping for an outfit. If a swatch isn’t available, you can opt for a photo. You also need to consider the wedding theme. This will give you an idea as to what colours would be best for your gown as the mother of the bride.

This isn’t to say that your gown needs to match exactly the colour of the entourage’s gowns. Rather, this tip simply ensures your dress blends well and stays coordinated with the overall theme. You shouldn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Let The Wedding Details Guide Your Decision

Apart from the theme and colour, there are other facets of the wedding that should also guide you. These include the overall vibe and venue of the wedding.

For instance, if the wedding will be held somewhere upscale and formal, you may want to opt for a fancier and more elegant dress. If the wedding is by the beach, that’s when you can opt for a printed outfit or a slightly casual one. 


The idea that mothers of the bride have to look and dress matronly is so passe. And, as you can see, you don’t have to settle for a plain and neutral colour. Like the rest of the entourage, there are many ways for you to look your best. Anything goes, really. The choice is up to you. Pick an outfit according to your preference and what you feel fits you best, as the mother of the bride. You can look classy, without looking old. And you can be stylish without upstaging your daughter.

About the Writer

Dahlia Roberts is a wedding planner and coordinator. She’s been in the wedding industry for over ten years now. When she’s not planning girls’ big days, she’s busy sharing tips and ideas for soon-to-be-brides on her blog. She has had experience as a mother of the bride twice when her two daughters got married years back.