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5 Tips For Creating Your Own Beautiful Vintage Inspired Wedding

Published: Friday, December 5, 2014

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Left photo by Blush Wedding. Right photo by Kelly Brown Photographer

There is something incredibly warm and romantic about a beat up, chippy old table. Something whimsical about a pink wingback chair sitting among trees - imagine Alice in Wonderland. And an old vanity, with the drawer stuffed with flowers and greenery, old suitcases stacked below and leather-bound books on top just feels so alive and and hopeful. Not to mention how practical and appreciated that extra mirror is to all your guests. Doesn’t an old typewriter at a wedding make you imagine love notes?

Here are 5 tips for creating your own beautiful vintage inspired wedding:

1. Don’t worry about the matchy-matchy:

A truly wonderful aspect of most vintage decor is that you can mix & match a lot of different styles and items. Even if you have a really specific look or era that you want to capture - try mixing in some different items. Opposites attract and can create a kick-butt eclectic charm. So, color outside the lines & break the rules of traditional decor.


Bespoke Decor Rentals

Photo by Acken Studios

2. Use personal items:

A sure-fire way to make your wedding decor unique is to incorporate items that mean something to you. Don’t stress if it’s not a family heirloom that’s been passed down six generations… It can be as simple as a vintage picture frame or other thrift shop find that you couldn’t live without.

3. Seek inspiration everywhere:

Once you start thinking about your wedding decor, indulge in anything & everything that provides inspiration. But set boundaries for how much “pinning” you do beyond a certain point. Similar to how you don’t continue to shop for wedding dresses after you’ve found the one. Once you find the decor you love, strive towards making it perfectly you.

If you have a specific vision, commit to making a decor plan for your set up team on the wedding day. If you want your sign in table to have 1 lantern, 3 books, 5 candles and hanging lace parasols - write it down, make it clear and watch your vision come to life! Cinderella Bridal Show - Langley Bridal Show

Photo by Bespoke Decor Rentals

4. Rent what you can:

Take advantage of local vendors that rent out one of a kind vintage decor to save yourself a lot of time & money. It saves spending countless hours sourcing, losing crucial storage space in Vancouver apartments and your sanity when trying to master a flea market flip.

5. Put Flowers in/on/around it:

Challenge yourself (and your vendors!) to think outside the box when planning florals for your vintage set ups. Add greenery around your chalkboards, flowers overflowing from a mailbox or hanging from a vintage ladder arbor. Flowers have the power to take any decor to the next level. It is especially important in vintage decor because it gives a feminine, fresh & flirty finish.

Extra flowers don’t need to break your budget. Use what is in season or grab some cheap greens to make your decor stand out. Bespoke Decor Rentals

Photo by The Nickersons

Although these 5 tips are helpful, the best advice is to do your best to enjoy the decor planning process! Admittedly, there are aspects of event planning that can cause stress. However, it’s time we bunch decor planning in with cake testing. So, grab a fork and indulge in choosing which vintage typewriter will collect your love letters.

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