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Published: August 15, 2017• SPONSORED ARTICLE

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About Prime Style

Primestyle was founded in 2001 in thought that it would be nice to put up an accessible and trusted jewelry store for everyone, thus Primestyle is a direct jewelry manufacturer located in New York City’s famous Diamond District. Here, we carry our own merchandise as we are a true manufacturer. We offer affordable yet classy and high quality jewelry that would fit any lifestyle.

How do you choose a wedding ring?

Description: 2017-04-11_1608.pngChoosing a wedding ring can be quite tricky so searching for inspirations and tips would definitely help a lot. Also, it would definitely help to incorporate the couple’s personalities in choosing the ring. This way it will help make the rings feel more personalized or sentimental.

Do wedding rings need to match?

Personally, I think it doesn’t matter if the rings match as long as they feel comfortable and happy with the rings they’ve chosen. Also, there are other means to make wedding bands or rings feel more personalized and matching, engraving important quotes for instance. But nonetheless, if they would prefer a matching set, it still gives off that classic and traditional feeling.

What are the differences between white gold, yellow gold, and platinum?

Description: 71778_YG_2b.jpgThese metals are all great for making wedding bands and engagement rings. However, they can be chosen depending on the type of activities a person usually does. Platinum for instance, is very shiny and a great alternative for silver, it’s also known for its durability making it perfect for those who love doing a lot of physical activities. Gold on the other hand, has been a standard in rings because of its timeless and romantic feel. It’s something you can never go wrong with whether you get it in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. 

Description: Views-Final-BS_003-A_Rose_Gold_Diamond_White_Matte_26.jpg For someone with no knowledge about diamonds, it may be hard to tell one diamond from another. What advice would you give in selecting a quality diamond?

When talking about choosing the right diamond, you should always consider the quality over the quantity or in this case, the 4Cs. Also consider going to your trusted jeweller as s/he can give you honest opinions regarding the diamond you may be looking for. Besides being cautious, you should also be open to all options in order to find the right combination of clarity, color, cut and carat that suits your budget.

What type of wedding ring is the most popular?

I think the most popular wedding rings right now would be the minimalistic ones. They can be minimal in terms of size and details but definitely rich in style. Rosegold wedding bands have also started becoming a thing, as well as stackable wedding bands.

Primestyle engagement rings

What is the current bridal accessories trend?

Rose gold engagement rings have started to become a thing nowadays and we love it. Each ring color represents something and rose gold represents love.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Our favourite part of the job would be making people pay 1/3 the price for us compared to other local stores. It feels good to see or hear how happy they are after they get their jewelry pieces.

If you could pick one unique product or service offering, which would be your favorite, and why?

If I could pick a product, I’d probably choose the engagement rings. It’s because of the way they symbolize people making a new life together.

What advice would you give to an upcoming bride & groom?

Take it easy. Preparing for your wedding is supposed to be fun and special, don’t stress on it so much as you don’t see the positive side any longer. Prepare it in advance. Try searching for inspirations and tips and shop around to get the best offer.

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