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Vancity Favours: Cloud Nine Cotton Candy

Published: Friday, February 12, 2016SPONSORED ARTICLE

Vancity Favours: Cloud Nine Cotton Candy

Photo by Ophelia Photography

About Cloud Nine Cotton Candy Co.

Established in 2013 Cloud Nine Cotton Candy Company is a new spin on an old classic confectionary treat that brings you back to the good ol’ days when things were sweet as freshly spun sugar. Cloud Nine Cotton Candy Company is Vancouver’s first organic cotton candy "treat truck" and catering service. Not only do we offer organic cotton candy, but we also serve shave ice, baked mini donuts, gourmet ice pops and liege waffles. We service all sorts of special events from corporate functions to weddings and all things in between!

Why did you decide to open a cotton candy company?

We loved cotton candy as a kid. I mean, which kid didn’t. Cotton candy at festivals contain artificial colours & chemicals. We offer this sweet treat with a modern spin – without the artificial colours and chemicals and made with organic cane sugar. Not to mention offering over 25 different flavours!

What type of flavors do you offer?

We offer a variety of flavours, from the nostalgic strawberry & bubblegum for the kid in us to Root Beer, Matcha Latte, London Fog & Lychee Rose for the foodies.

Vancity Favours: Cloud Nine Cotton Candy

What is your most popular flavour?

Our Top 3 are: London Fog, Coconut & Root Beer

What makes cotton candy a great wedding favour?

We offer our favours in the always nostalgic mason jar that totally mimics our retro brand. Cotton candy is associated with pure classic fun. What a great wedding favour cotton candy makes! Who doesn’t love cotton candy? – it is a simple, whimsical treat that all ages can appreciate and enjoy!

Vancity Favours: Cloud Nine Cotton Candy

Photo by Sparrow Photography

What are some ways that bride & groom can incorporate cotton candy into their event?

We are able to customize our services to your wedding. We offer our organic cotton candy cart service on freshly spun cones , cotton candy cocktails & mason jar favours…the options are endless. Pictures with cotton candy are always fun too!

Vancity Favours: Cloud Nine Cotton Candy

For people that are craving cotton candies, how do they find you?

They can find us at, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. You can find our cool, retro treat truck around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland at various festivals and special events! We also offer our retro 1952 delivery truck and treat trailer for wedding and engagement photo shoots!

What advice would you give an upcoming bride & groom?

Enjoy the sweet day!