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Published: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 • SPONSORED ARTICLE - Vancouver Wedding DJ

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About is the company you call on when you want a fun wedding. We have the talent, equipment, and experience to give you the wedding you've dreamed of. You'll discover how easy the entire music planning process is with our personal service and online planning system. You will feel secure and confident knowing that the music for the most important day of your life will be perfect.

Why did you decide to open a DJ company?

Our DJ company was started by DJ Drew in 1994. At the time Drew was a broadcasting student at BCIT and working in local radio. He realized early on that he needed an audience that he could see and interact with in person and radio did not provide that satisfaction. The company began to grow and Drew began training other DJs and performing for the cruise ship industry. We've had DJs perform on Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Holland American, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, to name just a few. We have been performing at weddings throughout the history of the company. From small outdoor weddings in the woods, to elaborate productions at Canada Place playing between the band sets of Colin James. Drew's knowledge and experience of over 10,000 gigs is passed along to every DJ at

How many DJ are on your team? How many years of experience to they have?

We have 10 to 12 DJ's in active rotation and we are constantly searching for new talent. Only our most experienced and trusted DJ’s perform at weddings. Part of our booking process is to discover our clients’ musical tastes and pair them with the DJ that is the best fit for their big day.

What makes you different from other DJ companies?

We specialize in being the best Wedding DJ service. Our DJs must prove themselves in challenging bar and pub environments before we even begin training them for weddings. All of our energy goes into our DJs and making sure they have the knowledge they need to do the absolute best job possible. The equipment we use is ours, not rented or borrowed, and we test it before every event to ensure quality and reliability. We are a licensed company, Worksafe BC certified and carry liability insurance for every event. Surprisingly there are not many other DJs that can say that. - Vancouver Wedding DJ

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How many weddings do you DJ each year?

We do a lot of weddings each year, almost 200, partly because we're one of the most referred DJ companies from wedding venues in Metro Vancouver. Our most popular DJs will perform up to 50 weddings each per year plus other events like birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events. Our DJs stay on top of their game because they perform every week.

What type of music do you play? Would you assist the brides/grooms in deciding on the music for the ceremony, reception, first dance, dance?

What do you want to hear? We are versatile and can entertain any audience, old or young, and at the same time. We use our experience with your ideas to create the perfect music-scape for your wedding. Wedding Couples can build their music lists when inspiration hits them. Our online music planning system we feature on our website is easy to use and convenient. If you need music suggestions you can look on our 'Wedding Ideas' ( webpage for suggestions from previous weddings or contact our office to discuss with us in person what you're looking for. - Vancouver Wedding DJ

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How do you get the crowd dancing if no one is on the dance floor?

The trick is experience. With so many different types of people at a wedding we need to be able to read the crowd and instinctively know who is ready to dance now and what will they want to dance to. Dancing is contagious and once the first couple of people hit the dance floor, everyone will soon follow. Our DJs are all trained to keep the momentum going and keep guests dancing.

What advice would you give an upcoming bride & groom?

There are many people out there that think because they have music and know a little about speakers, they can DJ. To be a great wedding DJ takes experience and a lot knowledge. All of the BCDJs have been trained by multiple mentor DJs, each with at least 10-25 years of wedding experience. Also be careful booking any wedding business that are the 'Jack of All Trades'. True professionals are experts in their field. That's why we don't offer photo booths or other wedding services, we concentrate on being the best at music.