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Vancity Florist & Decor/Rentals: Divine Décor

Published: Sunday, November 13, 2016 • SPONSORED ARTICLE

Vancity Florist & Decor/Rentals: Divine Décor

About Divine Décor

Divine Décor is located in Richmond, BC and services the Lower Mainland. We offer full décor, floral, partial planning and rentals for any occasion. Since opening in 2010, we have expanded our team and continue to grow. Our ability to offer fresh floral and décor all under one roof has proven to be a positive factor to our couples. We take pride in helping our clients achieve the wedding they have dreamed about within a reasonable budget.

What do you love most about being a wedding décor company? 

Being able to completely transform a room and more importantly witnessing the bride’s excitement when they have their first look.

Vancity Florist & Decor/Rentals: Divine Décor

What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other companies in the same field? 

We are constantly updating our inventory to offer new and on-trend selections that will appeal to our couples. In addition, Divine Décor offers in-house fresh floral making it easier for us to match and complete an entire event without having to go through multiple vendors and individuals. We match our couples to one wedding specialist who will take care of the entire process.

Vancity Florist & Decor/Rentals: Divine Décor

What is the most challenging part in transforming a venue? 

Logistics and small details that most clients are unaware of can make it a challenge. For example, hanging a chandelier in a certain spot can be complicated if there are no rigging points or outlets there. We do our best and use our expertise to find alternatives to make sure the job gets done.

If you're only able to use two or three items to transform a venue, what items would they be?

Draping can completely transform a room; chairs will have a significant impact and of course flowers!!

Vancity Florist & Decor/Rentals: Divine Décor

What are some of your favourite flowers combinations to use for bouquets? Why? 

We love using hydrangeas, roses, spray roses, lisianthus, orchids because they create a beautiful mix of shapes and colors. Hydrangeas are one of our favorite flowers, we love the fullness and how great they pair with almost all varieties.

What was one of your most memorable wedding experiences? 

One weekend we were setting up for a wedding when the power failed due to a windstorm, the power was not restored until later and everyone relied on candlelight and propane throughout the night. We had to make a few adjustments, definitely on for the books!

Vancity Florist & Decor/Rentals: Divine Décor

Photo by Sowedding Photo & Cinema

What advice would you give an upcoming bride & groom? 

We would recommend planning in advance so there is enough time to go over all details regarding colors, flowers and decor without the stress of a limited timeline. Another recommendation would be to think outside the box so together we can create a unique design that your guests will remember!

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