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Vancity Officiant: Young Hip & Married

Published: Saturday, January 23, 2016 • SPONSORED ARTICLE

Vancity Officiant: Young Hip & Married

About Young Hip & Married:

Young Hip and Married exists for two reasons: to help couples get married and stay married.  We’re on a mission to eradicate dull and boring wedding ceremonies from the face of the planet and to help couples create a sweet lifelong union that gets better with age!  If every couple is different then why have we all been to the same boring ceremony so many times?  Young Hip & Married will marry you YOUR way: creative and personalized ceremonies are our speciality!  We don’t just want you to have an amazing personal ceremony, we also want your marriage to be fun, exciting and last forever.  Our relationship coaching is designed to equip couples with the necessary knowledge, resources and skills to not just stay married, but also love the journey. Your marriage is one the most important relationships you’ll ever have, let us help you start off strong and thrive for life

What do you love about being an officiant?

I love so many things! One thing I love is the variety of people we work with and the different ways they choose to express their love for one another.  Many couples opt for the traditional wedding with a room full of friends and family, while others choose to get married on top of a mountain or alone on the beach.  Theme weddings, boat weddings, apartment weddings - we’ve seen it all!  

How many weddings do you officiate a year?

Last year I did close to 40 (some being smaller ones with just the couple and a few witnesses). This year it will probably be even more! I’m also the Head Coach and do relationship coaching with couples both whom we marry and some who are already married.

Vancity Officiant: Young Hip & Married

What was the most touching wedding you officiated? Why?

I had the privilege of  doing a very small wedding in the bride’s father’s care home bedroom because he was suffering from dementia and could not travel.  The couple really wanted him to honour him and have him be part of their ceremony but knew he wouldn’t be able to attend.  So they decided to have a small ceremony there first, so her dad could participate in some way and then have a more traditional wedding later on.

What is your biggest challenge when officiating a wedding?

One challenge we often have is holding all the pieces together. Although we aren’t the planners or coordinators, we have to be in touch/in contact with many vendors and people at the ceremony.  I always like to make sure I’ve talked to the dj or musicians, coordinator, photographer, venue host, not to mention the couple and their attendants. It’s a lot of balls to juggle but we do it!

What advice would you give an upcoming bride & groom?

When you are making your wedding budget, think hard about what really matters to you. All the pieces can feel really important but what will make or break a wedding? (hint: a great officiant or an average officiant). Seriously though try not to fall to the pressure of every detail but instead focus on what you both really care about.

- Interviewed Jane Halton of YHM