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Vancity Photographer: Magna Vita Photography

Published: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 • SPONSORED ARTICLE

Magna Vita Photography. - Vancouver Wedding Photography

About Magna Vita Photography:

Magna Vita Photography focuses on taking a collection of moments, details, relationships, and emotions and telling a story that goes beyond the events of the day - to make these things larger than life. It's about exploring the personalities of all the players, showcasing the love and beauty of the couple, and surrounding them with memories of their friends and families.

With an emphasis on customer service, Bini Ball loves to spoil her clients to exceed their expectations and deliver not just amazing portraits but a fun experience as well.

Magna Vita Photography. - Vancouver Wedding Photography

Why did you become a photographer?

I've always been a photographer, but I switched from part-time to full-time photographer in 2011 after leaving my IT career of 10 years. Photography is a way for me to connect with people and places and I love looking through the old photos in my family collection - to reach out across time and see another life. Giving my clients the gift of these family memories is what motivates me every day.

How long have you been in business?

Officially I registered my business in 2011 - but I photographed my first wedding in 1996.

How would you describe your photography style?

My style leans heavily towards photojournalism because I'm looking to capture real emotions & moments - but I always include formal family portraits as they are very important to me and my clients. I would choose to photograph a fun picture of the bride with her parents over an incredibly dramatic landscape with the bride in a fashion style pose.

Magna Vita Photography. - Vancouver Wedding Photography

What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?

My style doesn't reflect common trends in photography but reflects real moments & real people. More than just photography - my dedication to customer service sets me apart from other photographers. Running the business is just as important as taking great photos. When guests at a wedding tell me I'm doing a great job - they are commenting on my approach, attitude and professionalism.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

25 - with most of them occurring during the summer but I love to do off-season weddings as well.

How soon do people receive their photography photos?

Most receive their "draft" digital files within a few weeks - and once their wedding album design has been approved - then they receive their "final" images. We want to deliver the images as promptly as possible but still take the time to carefully go through all the images.

How many images do you take?

I suggest that clients can expect approximately 50 final images per 1 hour of photography.

How can brides save money on their wedding photos?

I don't recommend saving money on wedding photos. They are the only tangible memories of your day, of the friends & family you shared your celebration with. Framed photos you will look upon every day and wedding albums that will last through generations. It's a large up front investment - but one that will pay for itself every year. With an average number of images from an 8 hour wedding - you are looking at only $6 per image - for a lifetime of unlimited prints, sharing, and memories - its less than a lot of people spend on a box of chocolates or their Latte. Definitely don't try to save money by allowing a family or friend (non-professional photographer) to photograph your wedding - you can't redo your wedding and there are just too many sad stories of ruined wedding photos (in fact I have my own!)

What happens when you fall ill on the wedding day?

Unless I can't move - I'm on the job. Like most people who are ill - you can still do your job. If I'm in a position where I can't physically move - then I can bring on another photographer with the clients approval. We have a great cancellation policy to protect our clients - but I've never had to call in sick nor had a client cancel.

Magna Vita Photography. - Vancouver Wedding Photography

What is the process after the wedding?

After the wedding - I select the best images, review & process them, and then post them to a private website for my client to share & download. At this point - we have a meeting to choose the images for the album. These images are enhanced for the album and once the album is approved - the client receives the final version of all the images.

What advice would you give an upcoming bride & groom?

Identify what you want from your wedding photos. Think about what you might want to print, how many large wall prints you have room for, how many albums you want to create as gifts for parents & yourselves, and what you plan to do with the 400+ images from your day. Then imagine how you want to look in your images - do you want random photos of you & your spouse laughing and talking with guests, do you want a few portraits of the two of you, do you want some high fashion glamour poses? This affects your choice in photographer. Before you can pick the right photographer you need to identify what types of photos you want to have from your day. This just takes a lot of looking & talking!

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